• I'm getting weird pop-ups and my searches take me to some odd page!

      You may suddenly be hit with unwanted pop up ads ,or your home page and default search engine have been changes without your consent. This is typically a sign of a Malware or Spyware infection. 
      We can scan your computer with state of the art tools and quickly repair the damage.
      We can reset you browser home page and search engine settings so you will be back to normal immediately.

    • My computer is responding slower than normal. It seems to take too long to load programs and even boot up.

      There may be various causes of a situation like this. We can diagnose the problem and determine if it's hardware or software related. 
      We can proceed based on the information we gather to replace any bad RAM or do some repairs on the hard drive. We will scan the file system and configure the computer Start Up( witch programs are set to load when the computer boots) to speed things up.

    • I don't think that my ISP(Internet Service Provider:ex Time Warner,Verizon, AT&T) are doing their job

      Oftentimes you need someone  that speaks the language(techie speak) to contact a provider  and discuss why the Internet connection seems slow.
      You may need the provider  to run tests on your connection and do repairs from their end. Or you might want to find out more about upgrading your service to give you faster speeds. We will help you figure all of this out!