• Network Support

  • Network Setup and Maintenance

      We at West LA Computer Experts are truly experts in designing and setting up small networks. We can upgrade your current configuration with better routers,modem and range extenders. Or start from the ground up and install a modem that works with your ISP and any routers or access points as required.

      We understand the value and  need for the newer network technologies like the AC Standard and we will achieve the most proficient network design that works for your needs.

      Of course we know the language that your Internet Service Provider speaks and we are very good with dealing with them in case of a problem or even an upgrade. We will also do some of the negotiating with your Internet Company to find you the most band for your buck.

      We Specialize in:

    • Modem upgrades
    • Wired and Wireless networks
    • All network maintenance and troubleshooting.