• Testimonials

  • Dan has been providing me with computer support for the past seven years. During that time I have come to rely on him, not only because of his proficiency, but I have also come to value his honesty and integrity. Without reservation, I have been satisfied with his prompt, courteous and expert services and have referred friends and co-workers (who also sing his praises!)
    Dan has worked on both major and minor problems I have had over the years. Each time, he came through with the correct diagnosis and solution to the problem. He is always ready to help and, at times, has been able to telephonically walk me through a problem. He is willing to explain what has gone wrong and how to avoid the problem in the future in a manner that is understandable to those of us who are technologically challenged. Since he became my computer guru, my computer system has been operating better than ever!
    Dan represents that quality of service provider that we all dream of, but too often are unable to find.

    Rating: Alexis De La Garza, Deputy District Attorney

  • Dan Zivetz has been fixing my personal and business computers for ten years.
    He has always solved my computer problems, even complex problems that may have involved calling technical support, purchasing new parts, or complicated computer fixes. He is reliable and dependable and respectful of the demands of my schedule and work environment.
    When I have an "emergency," he always manages to be there as soon as possible. I highly recommend Dan.

    Rating: Bonnie Silverman, LCSW

  • Could not be more impressed. He real went over and above in providing a great service at a more than reasonable price. Will not hesitate to call him again and refer family and friends to him.
    He was able to deal with a very difficult problem (trojan/virus affecting registry) which kept me from accessing apps and programs.
    He responded to my weekend email within a minute and provided service the next day. This got my personal and business-related stuff running back to normal. He explained things well and gave advice on how to avoid such problem in future. His services saved me much time in having to do data re-entry and money in having to reinstall some of apps.

    Rating: Tom Onorato, PH.D

  • Great, quick service. Picked up and returned my laptop the next day, keeping me informed about what the problem was and how it would be fixed.

    Rating: Andrew Vasquez

  • Dan will be our "computer tech" from this day forward. The price includes a beautiful computer he built for us, and a couple of service calls.
    We told Dan exactly what we wanted in the new computer, and he took care of the rest. He came out to the house a few times on service calls in the beginning and to set the new system up for us.. We also have a Vostro 1510 laptop that needed some tweaking, and he installed Windows 7 over Vista for me and added some memory. Dan is very focused and courteous. In fact, Dan is phenomenal.
    I love my new desktop computer, and talk about fast.... My laptop is working great as well.
    We were thrilled with Dan's work ethics, and he got the job done! He loves animals which was an added plus. I know, sounds silly but we have a dog and two cats. Our dog took right to Dan. I can't think of any "don'ts" because we got such great service. He will handle any thing that may go wrong with the new computer, and we liked that of course. If you have questions, he will answer you back in email or call you right away. From start to finish it was a good experience and in todays economy, Dan's prices are very reasonable.
    Hire Dan, you will not be sorry! He is definitely a hard worker and likes what he does..

    Rating: Kathy Frankforter